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Old Arcade Machine Games.

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flobadob | 20:36 Mon 11th Jul 2016 | Gaming
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Is there any way to get the exact programs for old arcade games from the 80s? I'm thinking Shinobi, Double Dragon, Bubble Bobble etc. Also, I know that there are home console versions of these games but they are not the same as the old arcade versions.

Is it possible to get the actual arcade versions of these old games?


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Yes - Google for MAME. It's an emulator that runs thousands of these old arcade games.

Does anyone remember the game with a red ball control and you fired missiles at incoming threats and craft? It was an upright machine and was addictive. Can't remember the name now. Would love another go though.
"Missile Command" Togo ??
Spot on Giz. Haha I used to love that way back. I had a chum (still is) and we used to swap top score on the thing, always when the other wasn't in the pub ( yes pub or bar really). We would both spend pounds to beat each other but never when we were both in the bar. We both used to have an audience when we were performing. Daft really but happy daze.
Missile Command is available on the MAME engine. It worlds very well via mouse control - as does 'Marble Madness'
Sega Master System:

Gameboy Advance:

Sega Genesis/Mega Drive:



All sorts of games here:
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Thanks very much for the suggestions and link. I look forward to checking them ou.

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Old Arcade Machine Games.

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