Did Anyone See The Bf4 Match-Up Eu Vs Us On The Xbox Dash?

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Mattk | 23:55 Fri 01st Nov 2013 | Gaming
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Firstly 32 v 32 looks absolutely awesome creating a far better experience for us consolers but they also previewed Operation Metro from the 2nd assault map pack in BF4.

I've always enjoyed OM but with Frostbite 3 it looks absolutely awesome!
There are lifts and collapsing ceilings and lights can be shot out to give a big advantage to those with flashlights/nightscopes.

Roll-on next-gen!


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Nope. I will be excited for the cut-price version in a couple of years time :)

For now I will live vicariously through everyone else's experiences!

What Launch titles are you picking up?
Could we get subtitles on this thread please?

bf4 is the 4th "Battlefield" game in the series. The game is focused on blowing this up and shooting other people (in the face if possible).

Matt is excited because he watched a competitive match of 32 players vs 32 players.

Matt is very excited because big building fall down. This is kind of a big deal because building never really had realistic physics applied to them on "console" games

(Consoles are things like Playstations, as opposed to playing games on your computer. PC's have been more powerful than consoles for some time and have enjoyed more realistic physics because of this)

Matt is also excited because you can use the environment to your advantage, such as making it dark so no one can see you.

... not sure about the frostbite bit though :)
Also on one map the weather deteriorates from a nice sunny day to hurricane force winds, rain and stormy seas. Quite up and down if your on a rib boat trying to get from one island to the next.
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Thanks Ed.

How about sign language aswell?
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I'll adjust to the new controls on single player before going on to multiplayer.
Have always done this as I know once I hit the MP SP won't get a look-in.

25 days before I can play but I have read there have been some server issues so the delay could be a good thing. I'll be cursing XB1 exclusivity on the dlc though!

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Did Anyone See The Bf4 Match-Up Eu Vs Us On The Xbox Dash?

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