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Recipes Using Salad Cream Required Please,?

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cleoval | 17:55 Fri 15th Jul 2022 | Recipes
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HI, i like Salad Cream but don't know what recipes i could use it in.Does anybody have any nice recipes please also sandwiches.? Thanks.


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Errrr, salad?
Salad cream should be against the law
Like it mixed with boiled egg and diced Spring Onion as sandwiches.
Also on a chicken/salad roll.
Fried egg, chips and salad cream.
Dip the chips in the salad cream.
Say mayonnaise and I might agree, but ....
You can use it anywhere you shouldn't be needed.

Salad cream never comes home with me.
Google "meals to make with salad cream"and you'll find loads of recipes.
3 cups of pasta(cooked).
Tin of chickpeas, garden peas, sweetcorn.
2 tins of tuna(in sunflower oil, squeezed out).
2 peppers, 6 sticks of celery, 6 spring onions(all chopped up)
Generous sprinkle of chia seeds
Mix all ingredients in a salad bowl adding 5-6 dollops of salad cream.

Serves 3-4 depending how hungry they are.
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Recipes Using Salad Cream Required Please,?

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