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Convert millilitres to grammes?

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flobadob | 12:56 Sat 20th Nov 2010 | Food & Drink
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I have a recipe using 100ml of icing sugar. How do I measure this. Is there any way to convert millilitres to grammes or ounces?


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millilitres are a unit of volume, grams are a unit of weight, to be able to convert between them you'd need to know the density of the substance.
Had a look and this recipe says it's about 95 grammes
Right the closest I can find is powdered sugar at 801KG per cubic meter.

So, 1 000 000ml of powdered sugar is 801KG meaning 1ml of powdered sugar will weigh 0.8g meaning that 100ml would weigh 80g
In cooking i think it is the same ie 100ml of icing sugar is 100 grams but this is based on water as 1000ml of water weighs 1000g
just chuck it in and be done with it.....
Ah CF but does it mean the volume of the dry icing sugar or the volume of the liquid icing sugar?????
Good point CL.. I always assume that icing sugar refers to it in the powdered state, but I may be wrong.

Though all 3 answers are within 20g so if flobadob takes a medium of the 3 I expect it will be close enough for most recipes.
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I found a similar recipe and it stated 3.5 oz. so I just used that. Thanks for answers.
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Convert millilitres to grammes?

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