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Chicken wellington

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heffalump123 | 12:35 Tue 16th Feb 2010 | Food & Drink
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Firstly, I've found 2 recipes for Chicken wellington & would like opinons on which to do. Secondly, I'm not sure what to serve with it!

First recipe - puff pastry, chick breasts, onion, minced garlic, mushrooms, parsley, cream cheese, dijon mustard.

- Season chicken - cook in pan til brown
- Add mushrooms (sliced) , onion & garlic. Saute til mushrooms lose moisture & onions tender. Stir in parsely.
- Roll out pastry & cut into even squares. Put chick breast on each square.
- Mix cream cheese & mustard & spread over each breast. Top with mushrooms etc.
- Wrap in pastry.

Second recipe - puff pastry, chick breast, mustard, mushrooms, proscuitto ham.

- Sear chick in hot pan. Put aside. Spread on mustard.#
- Mushrooms in food processor until minced, then into hot pan.
- Lay proscuitto flat on cling film & spread mush mix over. Chick with mustard on top.
- Wrap in pastry.

Both would be served with a sauce. I have 2 of those too!

Sauce 1 - button mushrooms, flour, chick stock, whip cream, grated parmesan, white wine.

- Saute mushrooms until begin to brown. Set aside.
- Med/high hob - butter, flour - whisk til light gold.
- Whisk in stock & wine. Lower temp & simmer.
- Add cream & parmesan. Whisk in.
- Add mushrooms. Simmer.

Sauce 2 - garlic, shallots, white wine, cream

- Saute garlic, shallots. Add white wine.
- Cook til wine has condensed down. Add cream.

Hope someone can help!!


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they both sound nice (cept for the mushrooms bit) but i think the first receipe has to much going on, for me its too rich. and i def wouldn't serve the first sauce with that one either

so i vote the second with the second sauce.
but watch your seasoning as the ham will be salty
Both sound good, i'll be round at 5 for me tea!

Hmmm, what to serve with them? well can't go wrong with chips!

(Yes I know im a philistine)
Question Author
Thanks. I've had 1 person say no 1 with no 1 and now u saying no 2 with no 2, lol! Hopefully, I can get some more opinions so I can decide! I was thinking of poss doing saute potatoes, mash or mashed then shaped & put into oven to brown (can't think of name!) & maybe steamed cauliflower & broccoli?
sounds good- do I bring my own plate?
i just think the cream cheese filling with a creamy/cheese sauce would be very rich, if you go for that just some green veg to go with it

oh and don;t have Boo round she eat the lot and leave you the washing up
Question Author
Ha ha Boo. If u can find me u can have some! Do u prefer one over the other one?
personally, id prefer the 2nd one. But I'm really not fussy (cheers McFluffy!) and possibly mashed potatoes? And yep and yep to the cauli and brocolli.
Question Author
Thanks. would u have sauce no 1 or 2 with it? No 1 doesn't have to have parmesan in it.
Again, like both, see how easily pleased I am? but if i was forced to make a choice, it would be sauce number one.
Question Author
Boo. I wish u were my guest. I could give u anything, lol!
It's sad but true, I'll eat anything if it doesnt move out the way quick enough.
Question Author
Ha ha!
know this is a bit late but you are making me hungry reading this so felt I should reply. I would go for the 2nd one but don't really feel it needs a sauce. I would serve with little new potatoes boiled (could finish them off in the over for ten mins( with some carrots and green beans. Coule toss the veg in a little butter perhaps.

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Chicken wellington

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