Tefak actifry

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rescuer | 13:07 Mon 17th Aug 2009 | Food & Drink
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Has anyone experience of the Tefal actifry cooker?
It's expensive but sounds good except I understand that it takes 40 minutes to cook chips.


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I've got one, and it's absolutely fantastic. It doesn't even matter that it takes 40 mins, as you just pop it on and leave it, and you don't even have to watch it. I would never go back to oven chips, which cook unevenly, and taste rubbish. I've had mine almost a year, and it's the only kitchen gadget I've bought and used regularly.
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Thanks scoobysoo. I don't like oven chips and always ry my chips. I bought a Tefal deep fryer a couple of years ago. The chips are quite good made in it, but it is a bit messy. I use vegetable oil in it.
My wife didn't like the idea of the 40 minutes so I bought the deep fryer instead. I'll show her your 'highly commended' comment.
My daughter has one and the chips are the best ever.
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coriander2 & scoobysoo, if I buy one I shall have to tell them that you both deserve commision !!
Thanks. I now have to persuade my wife
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I loved my actifry, best gadget ever......however lol you just knew there was going to be a "but" didn`t you lol. The first one i had after 3 months went up in smoke whilst in use. I returned it and got a replacement, which did exactly the same thing !!!!! . I did some googling and found this to be a common fault with them, even featured on watchdog aparently, so im not sure i want to risk a third one. Hopefully they have rectified this now , but the main purpose of my post is to warn you not to leave it unattended whilst in use, just in case. I may get another one in the future when any dodgy ones should hopeful of been recalled, as i absolutely loved it and miss using it a lot

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Tefak actifry

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