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Chewy Sweets!

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fifi1968 | 18:34 Sun 27th Apr 2008 | Food & Drink
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Years ago (1970s) I remember these round fluorescent coloured fruity chewy sweets with a swirly centre that I think was sherbet. Does anyone know what they were, and if you can still get them. I have searched various sweet shops and online to no avail! I am 40 this year, and wish to revisit my childhood lol!


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I've racked my brain ..sorry can't think of
a chewy with sherbet in the middle and
brightly coloured ...try the 90's ..the E's
and colours came in then...

I remember them! I but remember them being pastle colours..I used to like the pale green one. Chewy sherbety explosion
Question Author
Thanks for the websites shivvy, I will continue my search...

You're right kazzarooney, they were pale pinks, greens, oranges and yellows I think. I liked the green one too
give this one a try for old fashioned sweets Only the best traditional sweets listed on this one and not all the cheap imported suff

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Chewy Sweets!

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