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A true porky!!

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vivandorron | 19:49 Mon 21st Apr 2008 | Food & Drink
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To avoid anyone asking "What is your Question", there isn't one: just info for A.B'ers.

Having been persuaded by Shaneystar2 that I should get a Slow cooker, I now use it regularly to cook all meats.

However, as I like Pork Crackling, there has been a problem; because , whilst I now have full praise for the appliance (thanks again Shaney) the rind of pork doesn't crisp.

I've now found the answer........Cut off the rind after cooking; place in a dish; cover with kitchen paper and place in microwave for a minute or two.

Honestly, it becomes a really crispy piece of pork crackling.

Take care of your teeth.......Ron


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I wait til its cooked and cut it off, i then lay it over the stuffing that i cook in conventional oven ( i also cook roast potatoes and yorkshire puddings and generally a pudding too) and we eat every bit of it. There is NEVER any meat left over or unedible when cooked in a slow cooker. i swear by mine - ive worn 2 out now on my 3rd!!
should have also said....last night i done pork chops on the griddle and my family all moaned at the meat not being as nice as usual. They looked very nice on the butchers display but i normally only get meat more suitable to the slow cooker. think i'll stick to that in future!
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Hi..Im a Busybee.......Didn't open my mail box, yesterday: but today have read and appreciated your response.

No doubt, meat 'slow cooker' cooked is succulent. I applaud your slicing-off the pork rind and then oven roasting it as a topping to stuffing. It's my bet that it tastes really great.

Your roast meals are similar to those which I produce and unashamedly serve to friends and family; although I admit to being a bit of a cheat: Roast pots and yorkshire pud are often the frozen packeted variety. Furthermore, the gravy is nearly always from a packet, but is made with milk instead of water and,with a teaspoon or more of vinegar and a good shake of pepper, is as good as a wine sauce.

You may have read in AB that, for duck dishes, I am not alone in making an orange sauce from gravy powder by mixing it with cartoned orange juice and marmalade. It's really delicious on duck legs which have been cooked in the slow cooker.........Ron

P.S. Please don't award any score to my remarks because, in Cricket parlance, I feel sure that it would be..."Caught-out for a Duck."!!

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A true porky!!

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