Does anyone have one of these????????

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jack daniels | 17:01 Mon 31st Mar 2008 | Food & Drink
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Tefal QuickCup kettle - what are they like? They're quite expensive - anyone know where they're selling them reasonably please.

Thanks Abers


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Hi jack - Sorry I haven't bought one. Argos sell them,
The only thing that put me off was that you have to buy replacement water filter cartridges for it! xxx
i was looking to buy one a few months ago but was put off by the bad reveiws i read online, many people complained that it took much longer to heat the water than the advert said, an the water did not come out nearly hot enough so i stuck with traditional kettle :-)
yeah i read some not very good reviews online too lorri, said that people were disappointed because the water didnt actually get to boiling point, plus the water frothed up in your cup and scum was left round the edge of the cup, so im with you, i think id stick to the ordinary kettle.
I was just about to thank you for letting me know about the steamers, and had gone to look for steamers on Amazon, when up popped this information. I'm afraid I can't be of any help, other than to send you the site details. I'd never heard of these before.
Yes I have one and initially was very taken by it. However, I've reverted back to using my regular kettle.

Although the Tefal machine does give out hot water instantly, I found it was never as hot as kettle water and it cooled down quite quickly too. If my cup of tea was left standing for 5 minutes, it became lukewarm. Also, I didn't like how the water always had a strange film on the top, like flat froth.

If you want to read reviews on products like the Tefal Quickcup, try going to
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Thank you so much for your feedback - I've now decided not to go for one.
I've read reviews & they pretty much sum up what you Abers have said - Thanks again, very much appreciated.
Hi Jack
The water does not boil and so is not hot enough to pour over Tea. Coffee should be fine though.

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Does anyone have one of these????????

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