slurpy soup (a sofa supper)

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mandimoo2 | 20:39 Tue 08th Jan 2008 | Food & Drink
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i have a recipe from the sunday mag that says, boil chicken stock, add soy sauce, sesame oil, noodles, COOKED chicken, sliced mushrooms, spinach, chilli and simmer till noodles are tender. really, i cant be bothered to cook the chicken first, is there any reason i cant boil the raw chicken breast pieces in the stock along with the other ingredients and just serve it when the chicken is cooked?


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Absolutely. Just make sure the chicken's cooked through. It will probably taste even better cause it will add to the stock flavour and will be really juicy and 'poached' (what chefs say when 'boiled' sounds too common!) Sounds delicious!
i think it will be better to be honest. pre-cooked chicken used in soup generally shreds and floats around in strands, so doing it the way you suggest will keep the chicken pieces whole and be much nicer in my opinion.
sounds really nice - might give it a go!

Mandimoo - does 'Brunts' mean anything to you??????
I don't know if you're who I think you are?
hello JD, no 'brunts' doesnt mean anything to me.... but i have to say im intrigued now!

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slurpy soup (a sofa supper)

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