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Pan Yan Pickle

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Jamie Lewis | 14:37 Tue 13th Jul 2004 | Food & Drink
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Anyone know where you can buy Pan Yan pickle?


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I've been searching for Pan yan for ages and finally in desperation came on line to do a search - have just read all the messages and fail to conceive how such a 'savoury' pickle could have been allowed to dissapear from out shelves. Could we not start a movement to get it resurrected?
PS  - Its me again - maybe we should all email Nestles and request that PanYan should go into production again ASAP.

Sadly I hope this answers all your questions, now if enough of you sned emails to the person listed below... who knows what might ???

From Nestle UK

Thank you for your recent enquiry via email.

We are sorry to inform you that Pan Yan Pickle has been withdrawn from our range due to the high cost of production and the relatively low level of sales.  We would like to assure you that the decision to withdraw any product is reached only with great reluctance and we regret any disappointment this product's absence has caused you.

We hope that this is not too disappointing a reply and that you appreciate our position.  Thank you once again for taking the trouble to contact us.

Kind regards

Karen Short
Consumer Services
Nestle UK Ltd
Freephone 0800 00 00 30

desperate to find some pan yan i asked jeeves to find me some,and then came across this sight,thinking i was going to be in luck,the last place i saw any was in kwick save a couple of years ago, after reading on here that they dont make it anymore i am in total shock, i cant believe not enough people bought it acording to the company who made it, there is no other pickle like it absolutely none, unless you know of any?, i don't know what i am going to do

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Pan Yan Pickle

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