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Pan Yan Pickle

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Tizz | 15:16 Sat 25th Sep 2004 | Food & Drink
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Does anyone know where you can buy Pan Yan Pickle in the Bristol/Bath area? Used to be able to get it in Sainsburys, but it disappeared a couple of years ago. Thanks Tizz


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Think I'm the bearer of bad news but....pretty sure that this has been discontinued. Sorry!
I'm fairly sure you re right JB.
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Thanks JB and Archbishop, thats very sad, my husbands it is my sister in laws favourite. Every time she is offered Branston, she says how Pan Yan is so much nicer! Teresa
I am so sad. I too always say PanYan is better than Branston. If you ever do find any let me know.
I mourned the day it went missing from the shelves but you can make your own quite easily. Mince or process, 1lb Bramleys 1 lb Dates 1 lb Sultanas Add three quarters of a pint of malt vinegar, 1 lb soft brown sugar, 1-2 teaspoons of Madras curry powder,salt and pepper.Stir all together and leave for 24 hours and then put in jars. Tastes better after 2 weeks storage in a cool dry place and makes about 7 jars. My recipe notes suggest using a little less venegar and adjusting before storing in jars. It's the curry powder that makes it Pan Yan!
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Thanks Sparx I've got a load of bramleys from the garden, I'll give it a go at the weekend and put it to my expert for a taste tasting session! Tizz
tizz i used to buy this in large amounts for export.the manufacturer was nestle who shut the factory down 2 years it is definately not made anymore regards richard
Pan-Yan lives on! The only place you can get it - according to me mum - is th Kwik-Save. I'm in Liverpool, and can't speak for the rest of the country, but we definitely have it here. There were 2 jars in her fridge last time I was there...
I'm also on the search for pan yan pickle but untill i can find it I've found the closest to it is Heinz tangy sandwich pickle,it's very good,but lets hope we can find the real thing


I know it is a long time since this thread but do you cook the ingredients before bottling?

Can someone get onto Crosse & Blackwell the owners of the Pan Yan Pickle Brand Name and find out what the delay is in bringing this pickle back onto the market. The response from the radio programme in 2007 was overwhelming and they had plenty of offers of the recipe that they claim was destroyed in a fire. I used to work in 1948 for Maconochie Bros Ltd in Gt. Portland Street, W.1. who originally made PAN YAN pickle as well as KEP SAUCE and soups etc.

GG Perth W.A.
BAXTERS make a pickle called "Albert's Victorian Chutney" and it is virtually identical in taste to Pan Yan. I fact, on a blind tasting, I doubt whether you could one from the other.
Its near enough to the original PanYan for me............................

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Pan Yan Pickle

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