weevils in flour.

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manofsteel | 19:24 Sat 20th Oct 2007 | Food & Drink
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No matter whether I buy cheap or expensive flour it always seems to have weevils in it, It never used to and the storage area hasn't changed. Anyone else out there with a similar problem, what's the cause, what's the answer ???


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Usually that happens when the flour is out of date or stored in the heat.
I would throw it all out and complain to the store where it was bought.
If you are in the UK, buy Homepride flour, it comes in cardboard containers that are totally sealed. I always buy Homepride as there is no way any insect could penetrate their seal.
Here is a link to explain about psocids - the tiny mite usually found in flours. nt/health/pests/psocids.htm
Are you sure it is the flour you buy or is it being reinfestated by weevils in your cupboard? Make sure you disinfect evrything and through out all opened packets
This usually happens to old flour. But since you said you have been buying different kinds of flours and you are sill having the same weevil problem, then it sounds like you have weevils in your cupboard or pantry. Empty your cupboards and give it a good cleaning and let it air out before repacking.
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The flour is not out of date SEpt 2008, I opened new one yesterday Homepride and saw one on the top - they are v tiny. I use a lot of flour for baking etc. Is it that the flour is not sterilised like to used to be or because I keep it in the kitchen cupboard where it is warmer. Everything else is ok in the cupboard.
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hi manofsteel

In my old house I got weevils all the time in my flour be it a new bag or an opened bag still in date

In this new house I don't get any. I would say my old kitchen was damper than my new one as it was not so open and the tumble drier used to steam up the room where as in this house it doesn't do that.

Do you have a tin you can store it in? Like a large sweety tin for example?
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Yep same problem, last place was damp and I hardly used the flour so put it down to that. New place has great kitchen, no damp and cupboards still sparkling - bought a new bag, month later got them little bugs in there. I reckon they're in there already or dormant eggs or something!
I went through a very similar thing when I coldn't buy flour for weeks without weevils in! It didn't seem to matter what type/brand either - very strange but they went away eventually!
I mean, I managed to buy some without weevils - I didn't wait for them to go away :)
we dont buy homepride flour and we dont have weevils, we have the sainsburys basics flour which is ok
The weevils infect all time of flour, apparently the eggs are in all the flour sold. I had a similar problem, when I bring the flour from the shop I put it in the freezer for a day and store it in the fridge. I've had no weevils since.
This was a tip off here and it works.
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Thanks all for advice. I have now cleaned and disinfected all cupboards and thrown out everything that wasn't sealed. I have even spray all cupboards with fly killer and let them dry out. I shall see what happens now. I will freeze as suggested for a day and then keep in fridge. Once again many thanks.
If these are biscuit beetles rather than weevils (weevils have an elongated mouthpiece, beetles do not) they will be able to bite through the cardboard container of Homepride or any other packaging that is not glass or a robust plastic. They have even been known to eat through some metals. I have been amazed to find holes in all sorts of packaging material. You MUST store all flour, pasta, cereals and related products in glass or Tupperware containers.
I have not only found these little 'darlings' in my flour but in breakfast cereal too
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Just a quick update to say no further infestations to date.
I have just this morning opened two bags (both previously un-opened) of Asda Basics Self Raising Flour, both in date one being November 2012 and the other January 2013 and both bags contained so many Weevils (little black/brown crawlies) that I am suprised the bags hadnt walked off the shelf by themselves, I also found them in an un-opened bag of sugar and two boxes of Cupasoup stored on the same shelf, I have never had a problem in the 6 years I have lived in this house with any type of Weevil in my food cupboards and I do believe that the infestation was already present in the flour when I bought it, I have used the same cupboard to store un-opened dried goods since I moved into the house and always keep them clean. I havent found any of the nasty little blighters in any of my other food cupboards or any other dried foodstuff nor have I found any wandering around the cupboard shelves or back and sides of the cupboard. I have thrown out all the dried goods from the cupboard and given it and any jars/bottles a good wash down with a bleach based cleaner but how can I be 100% sure there are no more lurking about and how can I prevent reinfestation. I keep opened dried foodstuffs in AnyLock Bags which seal with a rod in a different cupboard and they are fine (believe me I have checked each and every one thoroughly) but I am worried to the point of being paranoid that they are still there or will return ..... Anyone got any tried and tested ways at keeping them out !!!

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weevils in flour.

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