Cooking marrow

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maxiewaxie | 18:52 Mon 17th Sep 2007 | Food & Drink
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Can anyone tell me the way to cook marrow, I don't want to stuff it , i just want it as a side vegetable.

Many thanks


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Just cut off the amount you want to eat , peel it , scoop out the seeds and steam it for a few minutes , I put a sprinkle of black pepper on before cooking it . It cooks really quickly .
what a coincidence-I asked a friend the same question today.
look on for stuffed marrow recipe or on, for anthony worall-thompson's food recipes for chorizo, pepper and couscous stuffed marrow and rosemary stuffed marrow.
Hope this helps- i'm going to give them a go!
sorry- just re-read your question! doh!! maybe still worth a look though. my friend also said you don't neccessarilt need to peel it-just scrub it well and slice thinly-i guess a bit like cucumber!
I really like marrow the way that theonlyone suggests, but you can also serve it warm with a dressing, for example a lemon-and-pepper-based one, or a rosemary jelly, or raspberry dressing (all available from big supermarkets).
you could simmer it in a large-based pan with vegetable or meat stock (cubes are fine) and season to your taste. My gran used to add pieces of bacon and passata and small onion cubes which was not time-consuming at all but very tasty. The only problem with marrow is getting it to the texture that you like, as some people like it really soggy but most people like it still quite firm
What a coincidence , I had marrow for dinner today, peeled it and boiled it for just a few minutes with salt but as I was peeling it I wondered if you could eat the skin , so thank you Rac for your answer, I'll try that next time.
I think marrow is better cooked in a microwave as that way there is very little water to make it soggy. It will need between 3 and 5 minutes depending on the quantity being cooked and the power of your microwave.
Cut off a couple of this slices, peel and cut into cubes. Toss in a teaspoonful of curry powder. Cook in very little water, with the lid on. Cooks quickly, so keep an eye on the pan.
Makes a tasty change from plain marrow - I suppose you could try tossing it in chilli powder of ginger & garlic for a difference.

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Cooking marrow

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