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Pineapple allergy

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beccac2901 | 15:23 Sat 16th Jun 2007 | Food & Drink
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Hi i think may have a pineapple allerrgy but am not too sure. Last year I went out with friends to two separate indian restaurants and suffered extreme sickness, terrible pains and throat swelling. I know from years ago that pineapple has made my tongue swell but no more than that. Anyway yesterday i had a large amount of orange+pineapple squash and have suffered an itchy skin rash and diarrhoea. Could this be an allergy to pineapple? What i find strange is that i can eat tinned pineapple fine but have looked it up on the internet and it mentions something called bromelain? X


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I get a very painful tongue if I eat pineapple - any kind in fair volume. Its interesting (and worrying) that it can develop into something more serious. I have read that many people dont develop allergies to food until they are far into adulthood. My husband has just met up again with a work mate after 6 months. In this time in his late 30s he has developed such a serious nut allergy that if it wasn't for a quick thinking 1st aider at work he would have died. It came on that fast and that bad. He now has to be extremely careful to avoid anything nut linked. Listen to your body - cut out permanently anything with pineapple and see if your problem recurrs.
HI B - you have an allergy to bromelain. Its in pineapple, kwi fruit and papaya....a similar effect is also caused by a similar stuff called papain....

Bromelain is a natural enzyme with those suffering from a reaction to it will have similar rections to bee sting, peanut allergy, hay fever etc.

Bromelain can be taken as a food supplement to help some conditions, but as its used in meat tenderisers for example, be aware of this when cooking, eating out, etc.

Some info on it : and there are loads of websites about allergies and reactions, symptoms and their causes, try a search for pineapple allergy....

Hope this helps..
I am allergy to pineapple and I get a very sore throat and my taste buds swell. Canned/cooked pineapple doesn't bother me, unless i drink the juice. I suspect that citric acid is the problem.
I had this issue with peanuts and it only started in my early 30's. I started researching it and realized the problem is that Doctors have no idea what causes allergies partly because reactions may differ each time and because they can develop and disappear at random.

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Pineapple allergy

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