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dough not risen! Argh!!

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sair5412 | 13:46 Thu 05th Apr 2007 | Food & Drink
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I have just spent about 30 minutes parping about making dough to make a loaf of bread. I used co-op white bread flour and followed the instructions on the side of the packet and left it an hour and it hasn't moved an inch. Can anyone tell me what I could possibly have done wrong? I have put it in the oven anyway and i am going to see what it tastes like because i am not wasting all that time and dough!

Thanks for any suggestions.


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did you use yeast?
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ha ha! : ) Yes I did Mcfluff, i have made that mistake before!

Anyway, it has risen like a good un in the oven! I don't understand!?

Thanks for your reply.
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Ok, the bread was heavy and the white inside was dull & soggy. Why is that?

about halfway down a section entitled what went wrong!

Heavy, close texture. Poor volume: Flour too soft. Too much salt. Insufficient kneading or proving. Yeast killed by rising in too hot a place =245
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Buy yourself a Panasonic SD 253 Automatic Breadmaker. A perfect loaf every time!!!!
It sounds as if the place you put your bread to rise was too cool so it couldn't rise (needs to be at least 22�C). When you put it into the oven, the heat there got it starting to rise but then of course it started cooking so hence the heavy and soggy bread you took out.
I agree with moonshadow, invest in a bread machine you have lovely bread every time and it's a lot easier!

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dough not risen! Argh!!

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