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maggie01 | 17:58 Thu 01st Mar 2007 | Food & Drink
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Any suggestions what I can cook with a piece of salmon.? I like the salmon just cooked in the oven but need some inspiration what to cook with it. Fed up with jacket potatoes but needs to be low fat. Thanx


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Let the salmon go cold . Do yourself some cous cous (very low fat)..chop up some toms ,cucumber ..spring onions ...any salad stuff ....flake the cold salmon into this and pour a bit of low fat garlicky dressing over it .Chop up some watercress and mix that in .Eat and enjoy.
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That sound delicious. I have never cooked cous cous. I don't have any in the cupboard but will definately put it on my shopping list.
how about with pasta and pesto - you could also add some grilled bacon?
Sometimes when I have salmon I also have spinach and plain rice. Those 2 don't seem to overpower the delicate taste of the salmon.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I love salmon but don't always know how to do something different with it. Will make a note of these ideas.
You can also steam some squash or zucchini with chopped onion. Steam some fresh green beans. Steam some broccoli. Steam some cauliflower. Just any fresh or frozen vegetable you enjoy - steam and sprinkle with herbs/spices. No fat unless you add it.
Salmon kedgeree, yummy!
Top the piece of salmon with 1 tsp of sweet chilli dipping sauce and grill for 6 - 8 mins till the salmon is cooked through and the sauce starts to char. Delicious, quick and low fat

NB Have just read your question properly and realise this is not what you're asking! The above is good with boiled Thai rice and French beans though!

I agree with Shaneystar, cous cous is a quick easy accompaniment. I roast vegetables to mix in it. If you are not particularly kitchen minded the Ainsley Harriot range of cous cous comes ready flavoured, the Citrus Kick one would be good with salmon

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salon recipe

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