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Bernard Mathews

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Pea Pod | 14:26 Tue 13th Feb 2007 | Food & Drink
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Was I the only one who was stupid enough to think all his Turkey was English.?


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Nope. I was also under the impression that they were all bred in UK.
Me too, the term Norfolk Turkey suggested it to me.
Agree with you , Hungarian turkey does not have the same appeal .
It's off my menu from now on .
off on a tengent here but did you know its been said that the 'bootiful' slogan was originally going to be 'norfolk and good' but if said with a geordie accent it didnt sound too apetising :)

I was aware that they imported meat and had heard ages ago someone say that if bird flu was ever to enter the UK that it would be bernard that introduced it.
never eating it again, actually after seeing all thoses poor turkeys cooped up so closly together i feel sick that i ever did eat turkey and that i am the reason they are treated like that! just so we can searve a nice sunday roast :( i'm very saddened by the images and the fact that they are not English birds!
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I can`t help wondering which other food firms are pulling the wool over our eyes.
I thought it was from England. Stupid? Naief? Don't know, but I really wonder now about the 'rest' mmm. Bernard Matthews ham, from...where exactly? Plus all the other wellknown names & supermarkets?
Support yr local farmers'market - I have started to do that more lately. Eat well and healthy,
I'm with blokker, support your local butcher! I've never bought BM goods purely because I don't like prepacked meats (as pointed out recently; when does turkey and/ or pork become turkey ham?). I guess I am not shocked tha the produce is not British, but I am disappointed, I thought that of all the big companies BM might be more likely to use British birds. It does make you think what the other companies are doing.
Any food producer in this country is entitled, under European legislation, to label food as "British" if the final part of the production process or even the packaging is performed in the UK. This means that turkey, pork and other meats can be reared elsewhere (probably to lower and cheaper standards of husbandry), shipped to the UK and sold to us as UK Produce. What chance does the consumer have to make informed decisions about what he/she buys and eats? The easiest way to avoid the products of Bernard Matthews and his ilk is to avoid buying meat products (processed or otherwise) in the supermarkets and to use local butchers and farmers markets. The difference is wonderful.
Well if you're stupid enough to buy it...
I don't care if a turkey is Hungarian. I want to eat it, not talk to it.
Then again you've got to be stupid to actually believe that it's proper turkey when it's actually a tiny amount of meat product and tons of water and emulsifiers and salt.


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