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Ctrak | 00:52 Tue 30th Jan 2007 | Food & Drink
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...saveloys ever used in hotdogs, sausage rolls, or indeed any other foodstuff involving normal sausages?

Is there a campaign I can join on this critical issue?


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yeah I love saveloy's but you rarely see them ,and not many fish shops sell them where I live ,and you can't beat a nice portion of saveloy and chips mmmm yum yum.

I'm willing to join in a campaign
I hate the way when you first bite down on them, at first nothing happens... then they 'burst' eeeeeuuuuuuuu ;o(
I had saveloy and chips last night :0)

Actually really have to be in the mood for them tho.
...give me a nice greasy spam fritter over a saveloy any day...
< Runs to the loo with hand over mouth >

That's just plain nasty Snagged!
eXXXcuse my ignorance but what is a saveloy
Question Author
'Tis a fantabulous form of sausage that you only really get within the mysterious Southern Lands...
Saveloys also popular in geordie land, served in a bread bun with pease pudding, stuffing and mustard. Sometimes dipped in gravy.

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