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casserole in a slow cooker

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osprey | 13:17 Tue 14th Nov 2006 | Food & Drink
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I've recently bought a slow cooker and want to make a casserole. Can you help me by suggesting the cheapest cuts of suitable meat? Thanks.


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i use mine for everything. I have just recently used it for cooking lamb shanks in and they came out brilliant.
Baste shanks with mint sauce and surround with leeks some garlic, mushrooms and about 2 inches of beef stock. 4-5 hours later mmm.
Beef- use chuck steak or skirt
Try a whole chicken with an onion and lemon stuffed inside again surround with Stock and a slosh of white wine, veg etc ( leave on low overnight)
Just experiment , even the toughest meat does not have a chance overnight.
Mutton....cooks superbly in a slow cooker
1. Stewing steak, cut into cubes; brown in a frying pan (optional) put in cooker with stock, cinnamon stick, bay leaf, crushed garlic clove, 2 tbsp tomato puree and glass of red wine; and seasoning to taste. Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8. Serve with rice/noodles/pasta or just garlic bread to mop up the juices. Yum.

2. Shoulder of lamb; a cup of lamb stock (Knorr lamb stock cube); bay leaf; sprig of rosemary. Cook 4 hrs high or 8 hrs low. If preferred, when cooked, pop in a hot oven just to brown & crisp the fat. Meat just falls of the bone.

PS. Don't forget, you don't need as much liquid when cooking in a slow cooker as it doesn't evaporate like in a conventional oven.
Shin of beef is fab in slow cooker. All the cartiledge tissue melts slowly and makes a lovely rich gravy. Needs to cook for a good 24 hours though otherwise it is chewy.
Another slow cooker fan here!
Brisket is melt in the mouth ..I usually bung it in ,on a bed of thickly sliced spuds,carrots,leeks, mushrooms and whole shallots add a little stock and let it sozzle all day.
Half a leg of lamb..make slits in it push garlic and rosemary into the slits liquid ..cook all day on low ..will fall to bits.
Chuck steak for a delicious casserole ..add dumplings towards the end of cooking.Boned ,rolled and stuffed belly pork.Liver and bacon.
Sausage hot pot is delicious .Grease the pot, layer sliced spuds,carrots,leeks.onions,mushrooms . Shred a small savoy cabbage and bung that in.Brown the sausages bung them on top of the veg and poor half a pint of stock over,enough to just cover the veg and cook on high for six hours.
Hi osprey.....Join what I look upon as the 'Crockpot Club'.

I'm far from being an authority on slow cookers....only had one a few weeks...but am really impressed. Haven't had any failures with Lamb, Brisket, Gammon, Pork and,today,
Legs of Duck.

It was shaneystar2 who, through this section of AB persuaded Viv and I to buy the appliance. I hope therefore you don't mind my passing a few words to the star concerned.

Somewhat cooler in the kitchen today!. The Duck was wonderful and I cheated on the Orange sauce.......Packet Gravy Powder made-up with Orange juice to which I added
some Vinegar and Marmalade.

Thanks again Shaney for having helped in kitchen matters.......Ron.( Crockpotter Cymraeg.)

Oooh I say thank you Ron and Viv ..we seem to have a little "Crockpot Club " going ..perhaps we should ask for a sub section !!
Good idea shaney; but how do you keep
the kitchen clean!!........Vi and Ron.

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casserole in a slow cooker

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