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Uncommon slow cooker recipe

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evedawn | 10:17 Sun 09th Sep 2012 | Food & Drink
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We currently have no kitchen (!) we only have a slOw cooker and a George foreman grill. Besides stews and pot roasts any ideas for easy non Obvious summer recipes. Looked my slow cooker recipe book but all seem stew / casserole type of thibgs


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Get yourself a microwave,that will help you create a larger range of menus
Yes, make it a microwave/convection combined - we couldn't be without ours, and we don't have a proper cooker either.
i would be making lovely fresh soup,pasta,or boiled veg,make meat in george foreman,but remember to cook stuff in slow cooker a few hours ahead.
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Thanks all - kloofnek and box ... Don't want to be buying a microwave as in a months time We will have brand new fitted kitchen comPlete with integrated appliances. It was to get ideas in the short term. But ta anyway.
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Slinky - pasta is a good idea.... Thanks
To cook pasta you don't need a stove. Boil kettle, put the boling water in a pan, put in the pasta then put the pan lid on, leave it for about 3-5 mins longer than it would normally cook pasta if it was on the stove. It will be exactly the same.

Cous cous is a good one if you've no cooker, just a kettle and a bowl to make that.
A "few" months is a long time to be without a cooker,my daughter was without for two weeks and found it very difficult to prepare any decent meals.
However,I do have another solution...get a takeaway from time to time or eat out...maybe you already do this..trouble is...can be rather expensive. And chippy meals are no longer a cheap option.

It will all be worth it,when you have your swanky posh kitchen!!!!!

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Uncommon slow cooker recipe

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