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white pudding?

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mrstrunchbul | 12:35 Tue 22nd Aug 2006 | Food & Drink
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hi all i have jst returned from ireland and sampled black pudding and white pudding i couldnt eat the black when someone told me it was pigs blood but i really liked the white pud but refused to be told what was in it because i didnt want to be put off. but now im home i feel ready to be told the ingredients can anyone help please many thanks


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Just forget about the blood and get yourself a 'marag dubh' from Stornoway!! x
White pudding - oatmeal, suet, onions and seasoning. Sold as a chubb. Battered or plain, deep fried or shallow fried.

Black pudding - oatmeal, barley, blood, suet, spices, seasoning. Sold as a ring, chubb or slices. Battered, plain & deep fried or shallow fried.

Red pudding - pork meat, pork fat, spices, seasoning. Sold in slices or chubb. Can be battered or plain.

Fruit pudding - sultanas, raisins, fine milled breadcrumbs, suet, spices, seasoning. Sold in slices. Plain, shallow fried.

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thanks everyone im glad their is nothing horrible in white pudding except liver cos my husband has been winding me up by saying its pigs privates
Isn't white pudding just fat!
nah white pudding is nice in Ireland but if you get it from the supermarket its pretty horrible. Try it!

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white pudding?

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