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mr. porky

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sg | 14:18 Thu 27th Jul 2006 | Food & Drink
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What's so bad about pork scratchings?
Are they all that bad for you and if so why?
I didn't eat them for years as I got the idea that they were one of the most disgusting and unhealthy snacks you could buy.
But my pub sells locally made pork scratchings and they are lovely, all crunchy and moist, and if you have to pick a bristle out before you eat one, then all the better.


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ooooh pork scratchings Hhhmmmmm
I assume they are meant to be bad for you because they are made from the fat,
(hiya hon, by the way x)
High in fat and salt. Not good for you, in excess. They're good for breaking teeth as well.

However, I love them.
I love them too, but in particular I like the Danish version, called flesckoksphere (I know the spelling is horrific) which is not so hard and salty, and goes down brilliantly witha cold bottle of Tuberg (or Carlsberg).

I also went to a supermarket in Mexico once, where they had a huge fish tank full of the stuff, freshly fried.

3 cheers for the pork fat!!
I just hate seeing the hairs still on them, Grim!!
Oooh - I love Pork Scratchings. They're very fatty and I suppose they could send your cholesterol levels through the roof, but if you're on the Atkins diet you can eat them without worry.

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mr. porky

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