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Hard boiled Eggs - urgent

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netibiza | 13:26 Mon 12th Jun 2006 | Food & Drink
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I don't have any gas for my cooker until hubby comes home with a gas bottle - is it possible to hard-boil eggs in their shells (pricked I should imagine) in the microwave, like in a bowl of water??????so that they are like conventionally boiled eggs. Please, thank you.


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Will explode apparently! So don't do it! Only way is to have them scrambled am afraid!
Hi, don't put them in the microwave!! I used to boil eggs in the kettle, just keep the lid off the kettle and it continues to boil, don't think its very good for the kettle though!
You could scramble you eggs - lovely from the microwave.

Or poach them the proper way. Boil your kettle and pour the water into a small pan.

Add salt. Crack your eggs and slide into the water. Put the lid on. Wait for 5 minutes.

The eggs will be cooked - promise!
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......but I want them sliced for a salad!!!!

Hi Neti - I would go along with Bluerose & boil them in the kettle minus the lid!

P.S. Don't talk to me about boiled eggs! I hard boiled, peeled & halved 10 eggs yesterday for our BBQ. My daughter shouted out from the garden "Mum, there's a blubottle on the eggs" & that was the end of that - the whole lot got thrown in the bin as no one wanted to touch them! bl00dy flies!

Click here, Neti, and scroll down to "Hard-cooked Eggs". I've never tried it, but it sounds as if - once chopped - they'll be much the same as if boiled in the shell. Let's know how you get on.

boil it in the kettle
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Have decided to wait for gas bottle - Quizzy your suggestions will have me separating the yolks and whites and all that bother, so would rather not. Thank you all anyway, maybe won't even have eggs as its a goat cheese, blue cheese and walnut salad with odds and bobs. I was doing a salad for ease.
Quite frankly, I'm surprised if you are still urgent after consuming a few boiled eggs.

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Hard boiled Eggs - urgent

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