Preparing mangoes

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MagsE | 10:03 Mon 12th Jun 2006 | Food & Drink
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Does anybody have any tips on the preparation and presentation of mangoes that doesn't involve having to take a shower and a complete change of clothes at the end of it. I always seem to get more mango on me than in the dish!

Is it possible to grow the stone?


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i love mangoes and i eat them all the time. i slice down either side of the stone and make a criss cross pattern on the flesh. push the round side up and you get a kind of hedge-hog effect, just slice down as close to the skin as poss and you are left with lovely mango cubes!!

yummy, gonna go have one now!! lol

in answer to the second part, i dont know if they would grow in this country...we grow them in my family's farm in italy, so they need a lot of heat i think.

good luck!

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Thanks, wonderwoman1

We do the same as ww1, but you still have the bit around the stone - there's no totally messproof method and anyway, sucking your fingers is all part of the enjoyment. Have a napkin and a fingerbowl nearby.

My mum used to plant the stones, and I think she had some sprout, but never fruit.

Eat them the asian way, carefully squash the flesh inside the skin, until it feels like liquid. Bite open a hole in the top of the skin and simply drink the contents. You will feel the stone moving around inside, but this really only works on the ripe fruits of the indan/pakistani variety.
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Thank you all.

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Preparing mangoes

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