pomegranate pips/seeds

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Androo | 18:46 Mon 17th Apr 2006 | Food & Drink
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Is it alright not to spit these out but to eat them ? My mother made me exporate them politely but some one else's mother said to eat them. Domestic strife beckons!


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if you dont eat the pips, what would you eat! when i was at school, me and my mates used to sit with a half pom each and a pin and pick the seeds out with the pin and eat them! Gorge. They are find and extremely good for you. Enjoy. (I must get one, i havent had a pomy for years) x:)
a pomegranate is 100% pips!!!! my dad grew up in egypt where the pomys were massive, they had to eat them in the bath cos they were so juicy!!!!!
You sure can eat them, and there are recipies that use them. Type the words pomegranate seeds recipies into Google and take your pick.
Like the others say, if you dont eat the pips then what else is there??!!
Few ideas to cook with poms as well:

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pomegranate pips/seeds

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