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Why do apples make me feel sick?

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Why?? | 16:16 Tue 11th Apr 2006 | Food & Drink
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I like apples but never eat them any more as on numerous occasions, after a few bites I get a really sickly feeling and I have to stop eating it. I've notice it happen if I eat raw peppers too. Does anyone know why this happens? does it happen to anyone else?


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Probably because you don't eat a lot of raw, unprocessed food and your body has to really work to digest the apples and peppers.

Stick with it though. Eat a small piece of apple until you can tolerate it, then over time eat more.

Eventually the sick feeling will pass and you will reap the benefits.

Sadly apples must be washed before eating because of the chemicals on the peel.
It could also be the acid content Why???. I cant eat drink apple juice or eat apples and same goes for pepper's.:-/
weird cause apples are supposed to have a natural thing in them that sorts out tummy upsets, have you tried peeling them first, i somtimes have a problem with peppers and cucumber but ok if there peeled.

Lipid-transfer proteins are relevant allergens in fruit allergy.

Lipids are associated with birch pollenosis and there have been a few tests to see if this is really related allergic reaction. The lipids are the plants defence proteins so the fruit is only doing to you what nature intended. Unfortunately it means you can't really enjoy a fresh peach off the tree dripping with the fruit sometimes reduces the reaction.

Hi, I can't answer your Q I'm afraid (tho I don't need to after Nickmo's answer!) but my hubby can't eat apples because they make his mouth itch! He seriously can't take a bite because they irritate his gums and teeth and around his lips. I always thought this was the weirdest thing I have ever heard!
Do you have gallbladder problems?

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Why do apples make me feel sick?

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