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Stuffed Pasta

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Vagus | 19:05 Fri 17th May 2024 | Food & Drink
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With a lovely tomato sauce, followed by strawberries, Madeira cake and cream is what we've just had, makes a change from Friday fish.

You having anything tasty tonight??



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Just made curried cauliflower with zucchini and leeks as veg. Waiting for daughter and grandkids to arrive they will have something vegan and I have sliced lamb breast.


Crisply fried Pierogi Ruskie, with salad and a honey and mustard dressing, followed by fresh raspberries and ice cream for me.

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I love curried cauli, in fact I just love cauli, hope you enjoy it.

Chris, that looks lovely, honey mustard dressing is my second favourite, closely beaten by French.

Haggis supper and a cup of tea.

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I missed out on haggis on Burns Night this year, I think it's so tasty. What did you have with it, Doug, apart from a cup of tea?

Keeping up with the posh folk, I had a chicken dipper sandwich and a Twix with a Mug of coffee

Chips n ketchup, Vagus. 😁

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I need a twix now, Arky, that crunchy biscuit and soft toffee.....😋

what happened to the tatties and neeps Douggie??

Thai style chicken with chillies and basil...Thai basil, which tastes completely different from Mediterranean basil. It can be bought fresh but is difficult to find. I used to get it in a jar but it disappeared from the shelves. Just found it in a big Asian grocers.😋

An Indionesian 'fakeaway'  rice cooked in vegetable stock, prawns, lots of garlic, spring onions, chilli, and peas.

I've gotten it once or twice from sainsburys Chris...but it's very hit and miss. I've not seen it since last summer.

roasted Italian chicken here, roasted cauli in cumin, redpeppers, mini-beets, chicory and then a sautéed gem lettuce....

Two Tesco sausage rolls, then open a bottle - it's Friday

A lovely beef stew

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Stuffed Pasta

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