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Birds Eye Beef Burgers

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Dizmo | 22:27 Wed 17th Apr 2024 | Food & Drink
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I've noticed that the recipe has now changed (added plant protein and less beef) and they taste not so good.

There are 8 reviews on their website - all of them are 1 star.

Has anyone had Birds Eye beef burgers recently, and did you used to eat them many years ago (before the recipe change)?



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I get the Oakhurst ones from Aldi - seem OK. Never had any Birds Eye products.

There is 11% more beef in Tesco Finest burgers, still water as second ingredient. I'm mystified by that

Barry, the reason I didn't go for the Tesco Finest is because they have black pepper in them and 1 grain of black pepper burns my mouth. The reason I decided to get some burgers this week is because I have some baps in the freezer, chances are, I won't buy them again.

That must make life awkward for you, Barsel - black pepper is in so many things like Bisto gravy.

I know.I can't understand why pepper has to be in so many things as I'm sure people who like pepper would have some in their cupboards and could add it themselves, but once it's added, you can't take it out.


how do folks know something tastes "like cardboard" - do they eat cardboard?

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Barsel, I concur.

I've noticed there's onion powder in a lot of stuff too. I can't stand onions (the texture more than anything). Luckily I don't mind onion powder, as long as there isn't too much of it in stuff.

Has anyone tried Good Fella's pizza's lately? They've removed Monterey Jack cheese in some of their pizzas (not sure how many) and have added chicory root fibre. I'm not overly picky about pizza, I can usually eat any margherita pizza, however not even I can eat the ones with the 'new improved recipe'.

My parnter said they are akin to eating gym socks or licking the inside of old cupboards.

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davebro3: I've eaten cardboard before, yeah. Then again I ate a dandelion once (the whole flower) - maybe that's why I get called Sid the sloth.

Buy a pack of minced steak put in bowl add seasonings of choice divide into four large balls, squash flat and fry/grill/BBQ . Buy 2 packs and make double, freeze individual burgers. You don't need egg or breadcrumbs but can add to make the meat go further. Cheaper than buying burgers and takes less than five minutes to make.

davebro3, the way I think about it is that they are very dry and have no taste as I think cardboard would probably taste.  The burgers are nothing like they used to taste so will not buy them again.  My personal thought on it.

I bought some last week, not realising they had changed the recipe until I cooked them. We did not like the texture of the new recipe. I would rather pay more for the original recipe. 😢

I recently discovered Simon Howie's Chorizo Style Steak Burgers and Steak & Haggis Burgers but, unfortunately, they only come in packs of two.  Don't see them in the shop very often so usually buy them when I can and freeze them.


We had them lots of times. Yummy. Also beef pancakes, which, are not made any more. 😐 Not had any beef burgers for a while though.

Barsel @7.22. Let me assure you that everything from Edwards of Conwy is excellent. It is, and has been, for a number of years, a jewel in the crown of Conwy High St. After the business grew premises were sited on the Morfa of Conwy and young Mr Edwards is a local lad made good. We shop there regularly and trust every product for provenance implicitly. Water is present in all meat products at source and is only absent if the goods are dehydrated for sale. Added water is what is suspicious. I would not touch Birds Eye products with your bargepole. The very definition of over processed meat product. 

Any idea why this thread does not show in the Food & Drink category listing? 

Ahh mystery solved    ...   it was posted in April.

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Birds Eye Beef Burgers

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