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Fasting And Saving Money On Food

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DanicaDoodle | 19:35 Thu 08th Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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I am a new university student trying to save money so that I do not have many student loans when I finish. I wondered how I could manage that by cutting down on my eating or finding other cheap ways to eat but still be healthy. I just recently heard of fasting, and I don't know if that would be good for me or, better yet, what forms of fasting would be good for me. I am a reasonably healthy individual who plays sports and goes to the gym regularly. My schedule right now is already quite packed with classes in the morning between 8-12:30 most days, along with work four days a week between 2:30-9:30. I try to work out most afternoons or mornings on days I do not have work or classes. So I need help knowing if fasting would be good for me and, if so, what kind of fasting, but if not, what other ways I can simultaneously eat healthy and save money. 



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Drobi has asked some similar questions- you might want to read the responses.

I'll find a link

On no account should you consider fasting, risking your future health for probably saving a few pennies at the most. 

Google Dr Jason Fung. He's an expert on intermittent fasting and is well respected in his field. He also has a book on the subject.

As for the food you eat, cut out junk/fast food. The better quality your food is, and the least processed...the healthier it will be.

As for whether it will be good for you your research.

Canary...most fasting now refers to intermittent...not days of water and zero food.

I am not sure what student loans you are trying to save on. Are you in the UK or US. Its well worth reading drobi's threads as they are based on very similar topics:  fasting, meal times, and schedules around work and working out.

You already work long hours so must have enough income to be able to 'eat well for less'. Have you watched any Dr Michael Mosely or Greg Wallace programmes-they're well worth watching on catch-up if you're in the UK

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Fasting And Saving Money On Food

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