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Do I Get Domino's Or Tesco Pizza?

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abbeylee90 | 14:23 Sat 20th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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Not sure both have deals 



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Question Author

I can't be bothered to walk tesco now 

It's a hard life isn't it. Are you able to lift the phone?

Question Author

Yep or app

What about your parents. Will you be treating them?

You  must be feeling a bit better off now then Abbey as you were struggling on £120 a week.

Does that mean you sorted out why you were being seriously underpaid or why you seemed to have been paying higher rate tax for  a few months on a job paying close to minimum wage.

Are you treating your parents to pizza or chinese or are they eating separately from you?


Ha Andres; I have only just seen  your post.

^^newmodarmy--Great minds!

Just remembr peeps only answer nicely about food or top choices on these type of posts. Any deviance from the topic or questions you'd ask someone in real life will be removed.

Prudie I think you have hit the nail on the head, if I had a friend or colleague or acquaintance who asked these questions then I would ask questions 

Question Author

They are out

Affordability is something that has to be considered in real life so I'm sure the mods will not delete my post.

It's a great chance to cook yourself something you like.

If you get Dominos..throw it in the bin immediately. I've only had it once and it was disgusting. 

There must be a local pizza delivery other than Dominos

Maybe learn to make your can be a new hobby 🤔

How much is a typical Domino's pizza including delivery charge? 

Too much...

Just checked...medium is £10

Question Author

I don't like any other pizza takeaway that why that or Chinese 

let your taste buds do the talking.. what ya fancy...friday night.

Fender, it's Saturday 😊

Abbey, what will you do if 10 ABers say 'pizza' and the other 10 say 'Chinese'?

21 to 40 of 53rss feed

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Do I Get Domino's Or Tesco Pizza?

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