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Perforated Microwave Cling Film

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NoseyNose | 23:56 Fri 10th Nov 2023 | Food & Drink
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I used to get rolls of this from Lakeland,but they have now discontnued it.

It had lots of very small perforations,to let any steam out,it was great.

I get the feeling,from the Internet,that you can use standard Cling Film just as well.

Is this correct.

Any suggestions?

Thank You.




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Available from Amazon UK

^^^ Indeed User Recommendation

 . . . but I can't think of anyreason why punching a few small holes in regular cling film shouldn't work just as well.

. . . . but not elibigle for delivery to a pickup location (e.g. Amazon locker)


Question Author

Thank You Buenchico,

But £14.38 postage!

I shall experiment with my own perforations(using a fork prongs ?)with standard cling film, and report back here.


I use standard cling film and, when in place, pierce it either with a knife or a skewer.  Stops spatters.

Didn't know ready bought pierced cling film was a thing

Question Author

Thank You Barry,

As always you come up with the common sense answer!

The Lakeland Cling Film was good,but obviously more expensive than the standard stuff.

I shall experiment with the ordinary cling film.

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Perforated Microwave Cling Film

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