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Did I Like Almond Butter,An Update.

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NoseyNose | 12:50 Sat 04th Nov 2023 | Food & Drink
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The answer to my questions is (sadly) I didn't like Almond Butter,I had it on a brioche roll this morning.

Why didn't I like it?

The flavour was OK, but the texture/consistency was awful.It was sticky like glue,and grainy,like bits of sand.It says "Smooth" on the jar,but it isn't.

My neighbour(who has a very sweet tooth) will be pleased to get the jar.

Thank You all for your replies,but I shall be sticking to other spreads in future!



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Peanut butter, and it has to be crunchy.

I'm not surprised you didn't like it, but at least you tried it

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Sorry but no Hopkirk,

I think it is the the texture of the Almond Butter(and Peanut Butter) that turns me off!

Not the flavour.

Well, nobody can say I didn't try.LOL

Almond butter is totally different to peanut butter more oily I like it in curry 

I suppose it depends on the brand, the ones I've bought have been similar to peanut butter.

The machine they use to milk the almonds must be tiny.

Duggie - it's getting the almonds in from the fields that takes the most time

Och, that's just nuts.

Coos dinnae hae nuts

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Did I Like Almond Butter,An Update.

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