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Slow Cooker

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Crocus5 | 17:12 Mon 02nd Oct 2023 | Food & Drink
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Has anyone got a Russell Hobbs Slow Cooker?

I am a bit concerned as I didn't realise until it arrived it has a metal not-stick dish for cooking,  always been a bit concerned

about non-stick especially when the food will be in it for hours.

Its very light and cooks well.




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"Concerned" in what way? Concerned that the coating will affect your health?

As I understand it, non-stick coatings can cause health problems if they are exposed to very high temperatures.

Slow cookers will never reach those temperatures so I wouldn't worry about it.  

Teflon (and similar) coatings theoretically carry a slight health risk if heated to temperatures above 300 degrees C but a domestic oven only goes up to around 240 C and slow cookers don't go much above 90 C. 

The length of time involved is immaterial, as Teflon only starts to break down at around 300 C.  Therefore you could leave your food in your slow cooker for several days, with no greater risk at all than if you left it there for just a few hours.

Is it one you can put on the hob first then finish in the slow cooker? 

There are different non stick surfaces now. I think ceramic is one of the safest and doesn't release or contain the chemicals that Teflon does.

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Hi Gingejbee thank you for your answer, yes the non stick coating 

 could leach into the food over time.

Because my metal slow cooker insert has began to show signs of age, I don't cook things directly in the pan any more. I use a casserole dish which fits inside and then put water in, to surround the dish. So really it cooks like a Bain Marie. It works perfectly. 

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Hi Buenchico 

Thanks for all the info feel ok using it now just thought I would check

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Good idea Tilly, will keep that in mind for when it gets old.

It mentions doing that for puddings in the instructions

Yes Giggsie you can brown the meat in the same dish on the hob and then add other ingredients.

Cheers Barry and Pastafreak

thanks for yours answers

You just need to take extra care when removing the casserole dish. I ladle out some of the very hot water first.

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Slow Cooker

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