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Loaf Tin (1Lb)

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Old_Geezer | 13:59 Fri 01st Sep 2023 | Food & Drink
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Just considering at the moment but if anyone knows that'd be useful.

Can one buy tins to bake bread in that are full height & width so slices will fit well in the toaster, but are half the usual length so half the number of slices and therefore doesn't take all week or more to use ?

Tried searching but didn't see any.



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Lakeland have good selection.
Why don't you bake normal size and freeze half of the loaf for use later?
Question Author
Yes, it's an option. Thanks for the suggestion. But it would use up space in a crammed freezer. Unsure I want to suggest that to my young lady ?

I'll try Lakeland, but don't recall it came up in the search. If they have one, I'll update here.
Amazon sells half loaf tins that bake the full slice size that you want but are stupidly expensive.
I agree with Moorea. Keep your toasting bread in the freezer and pop in the toaster frozen. It turns out perfectly well
Would this work? I've had it on my wishlist as it's the only size I'd found that will fit the airfryer.

You could slice up the half loaf before freezing, and freeze the individual slices, they’d be easier to slide into small spaces in your crammed freezer, and keep reusing the plastic bags.
Your link doesn't work, pasta
Oh yes, slice before freezing
Question Author
Thanks for the replies.

The Amazon link is strange. The label on the picture and the dimensions listed under 'SIZE' agree on 18cm × 11cm × 6cm; but listed under dimensions is says dimensions 4.5D x 7.3W x 2.6H centimeters ?! I think the latter may have been approximate inches that have been mislabelled.

I'll give it some thought, but my immediate thought is that the 7" length is good, but a width of 4¼" and a height of just 2⅜" may be a bit short, as the toaster slots are in excess of 5¼".

However this may be moot after all. My woman has just asked why I'm measuring stuff, so had to admit I wanted a shorter loaf tin to try the keto friendly flour I'm making in. I was hoping to keep it quiet as I felt it better to get & try it first. Anyway she said, "Why not look at the one in my breadmaker". In fairness, that ain't going to be a great use in the normal oven as it hasn't a flat base, but it is close to the dimensions I need so I may be able to fiddle the recipe method and see if just dumping everything into the breadmaker at the start, works. I will need a proper tin if it all goes well though, or maybe if it doesn't, so oven baked is an option.
What kind of keto bread are you making O_G?
OG/ Just to digress for a moment - I always love the way you refer to "my woman" - sounds so caveman, so protective, so personal. Just saying!
Question Author
To be honest the type is less important than the flour I'm creating. I picked a flour recipe off YouTube from "Victoria's Keto Kitchen". Plenty of different ones to choose from though, no idea which is best. However I now note she has a 5 minute microwave recipe so after all this I may try that one first.

One step at a time. I was basically lucky and stumbled on a good deal for almond flour (crushed almonds) so it was suddenly not quite as ridiculously expensive to try as it would usually be.
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Ah, well we aren't married, so I can't refer to her as my missus (she'd have my guts for garters if I did :-) ) so difficult to pick a title without naming her, for which I have no permission. I look at it that she is my woman, I am her man. Works for me.
^^^ And very nice too.
Old_Geezer, we found this website and would like it to share it with you. It covers bread, rolls, baguettes, pastries, pies etc and is very good. (p.s. using a 1 lb loaf tin would make a very small loaf, same size as a malt loaf, which I'm sure you aren't aiming for).

Question Author

The way I see it, a 1lb tin could be near identical to a 2lb tin except that it's half the length, so half the slices, and consequently used up quicker and a fresh one made.
Question Author
Cheers. Watched the video, now checking John Kirkwood's channel. Seems to have quite a bit worth checking out.
OG, he's great!
His apple pie is first class.

O_G...if you're interested in a very simple keto loaf, look for keto flax meal bread. No flour...some recipes are only 3 or 4 ingredients. Can be done both in the oven and microwave. Has a nutty taste.

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Loaf Tin (1Lb)

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