Raw Shiitake Mushrooms?

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wolf63 | 08:50 Fri 29th Apr 2022 | Food & Drink
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I had some raw Shiitake mushrooms as a snack last night, I have had sickness and diarrhoea all night.

I have stopped being sick but still feel unwell. I have had some water. Even the thought of taking my normal morning medication makes me feel green.

Are they okay to eat raw?
Or is this just a bad batch?
I put them in the bin.
I'm going to try and get some sleep


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excuse my ignorance, but why would you even think of eating ´em raw? Anyway according to the experts, mushrooms are better for you when cooked.
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Thanks Danny, I can't see anything on your link that says they are bad for tummys. Maybe I am just unlucky.

Piggy, I add raw mushrooms to salads so decided to try these. I had the munchies so I ate some.
I eat raw mushrooms most days and have done all my life. Could it be something else you've eaten or maybe you've picked up a bug

Did you pick this mushrooms whilst romping through the woods Wolf?
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Bought them in Tesco! They are still well within eat by date.

I suspect you have just picked up a bug somewhere and the fact that you have eaten some mushrooms is just a fluke
I eat raw button and chestnut mushrooms. Not sure about shiitake mushrooms as I find them a bit chewy, even when cooked.
Anything raw surely has a chance of having upsetting bugs on it. One more reason (besides taste) never to touch this pet food that some call "salad".
Well never eat something called a "shiitake" if you want to stay out of the loo.
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I think that the mushrooms may not be the sole culprit.

I have just had a cup of tea and was sick. Good job I didn't try a Steak Bake (Greggs) from the freezer.

I will stick to water for the time being.

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Raw Shiitake Mushrooms?

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