Damp Christmas Cake

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Food Fairy | 20:23 Wed 07th Dec 2005 | Food & Drink
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Well i don't know what i've done this year but my Christmas cake seems a tad on the soggy side.
I've had it uncovered in the fridge as one year it went off as the kitchen cupboard wasn't cool enough.
I haven't fed it as it seems too moist already. It was cooked through as a skewer came out clean so it's not that.
Any ideas what to do next please, will it be ok to go ahead and ice it?
Also I can never remember how much marzipan I used last year! Is there achart somewhere that gives cake sizez and marzipan requirements?
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I wouldn't chance it if you don't feel it has come out too well. I would cheat and buy one and ice it myself.
It should be kept in an air tight tin covered in foil/greaseproof paper but not in the fridge. It will not go off.

In the North East we always made a New Year's cake rather than a Christmas cake. It was not iced and served with Wensleydale cheese after the bells.

My father has been making christmas cakes the last 40 years. He's got a Bakery. They will last years if you just look after them properly. For anything up to about 6 to 12 months You can get away with wrapping them up well in tin foil. But any longer and you're better to place them in a sealed container in foil...

This is the advice he gives. We quite often get folk coming back with the top tiers of their wedding cakes to be re-iced for their first child's christening. And if they haven't looked after them he just replaces with another similar aged cake. They are good for about upto 5 years if looked after well. But - DON'T PUT THEM IN A FRIDGE!!!! And give them a wee drink every once in a while!

I would go along with maggie01. Not a lot you can do this year, pop along to M&S or T....o and treat yourself. For next year, get a new recipe! I'm not joking, it sounds as if your present recipe is well out of balance.

BTW, M and S cakes are worse than terrible!

Not a treat at all! :-(

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Damp Christmas Cake

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