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Whisky Recommendation Please

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LadyCG | 12:39 Fri 27th Nov 2020 | Food & Drink
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Ideally something I can just order on Amazon...

I am looking to spend somewhere between £50 and £125 (I could go a little higher for something exceptional)

I've seen a nice looking and sounding whisky called "The Nikka" ... has anyone tried it?

Or do I play is safe and just get him a Blue Label?

He likes smooth, he doesn't like smokiness. I bought him an Amrut once and he really didn't like it.

Recommendations would be must appreciated. Thank you.


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For real class you want this: User Recommendation
12:52 Fri 27th Nov 2020
We always buy Jamesons which is well below your budget.
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He likes his Jameson's. I've got him a bottle of that from the little one.

Sometimes they do premium or limited / special editions.
you want a Malt or jamesons, Blue label is a blend. Any of these would be good:
I'm not a whisky drinker, but Nikka Whisky From The Barrel was highly recommended in last week's Waitrose 12-page whisky supplement.
However, it does say it has a "subtle smoky taste"...!
£50.....doesn't like smoky (neither do I), smooth but not sweet...... User Recommendation

I drink this...?....but you pose a difficult question.
they are mostly £40-90 but this one is over £100, but should be excellent: User Recommendation
For real class you want this: User Recommendation
It has to be The Macallan. A range shown here:
or try Welsh.....

(but not the hand sanitiser...... :-) )

Question Author
Thanks for all the recommendations:

I've just seen this one (maybe for our 10th anniversary: User Recommendation

Can't argue with that LC.......I should have married you lol.
Question Author
I think I'll go with Tora's English offering firstly - OH will appreciate that - but I may also select something from Brainiac's Macallan range.

He's still got his main present too.
That was a little higher for something exceptional.
Johnny Walker though ?
FWIW next time, Nikka is lovely. Makes a good gift for someone who enjoys their whisky.

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Whisky Recommendation Please

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