Help! Sponge Stuck In Sandwich Tin

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Prudie | 21:47 Thu 26th Nov 2020 | Food & Drink
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Any tips please for getting a sponge out of a sandwich tin that is stuck on the bottom with minimal damage? I don't know why it's happened, never has before. Non stick tin and I oiled and floured it :-(


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Have you got a plastic spatula, pour boiling water over it to make it soft. Then push down the side of the cake and then it should bend under it. Run it round and give the tin a good shake. All I can think of at the moment.
The best way to avoid the problem is cut a piece of greaseproof/baking paper to fit and line base of tin and grease. Cake always comes out and peel off paper.
Dental floss!
This happened to me don't know why. So I put parchment paper on the bottom of the tins as I did before. buttered and floured as well. Leave to cool for a couple of mins then peel off the paper Also I found when I turned out sponges on a rack they stuck so I put another rack on top and turned it over then turned back again on the rack. If that makes sense. hope that helps
One method here:-
My first rhought .. cover it custard and just eat it out of the tin ?
Knowing that my wife had the same problem when she had to start baking bread for me a few months ago, she found out the best way of stopping the bread from sticking to the tin or the paper or vice versa.
Instead of wiping the tin with oil or flour .. grease the sides of the tin with butter only .. no paper or flour at all. She has never had a sponge or the bread stick since.
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Just for an update - I had to get it out as it was a birthday cake, both halves came out but left enough behind to make it visibly wonky even once sandwiched. Never happened before but in future I will use the paper method (it was the bottom which stuck, not the sides).

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Help! Sponge Stuck In Sandwich Tin

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