Hawthorn Berries Jelly Or Poison

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eve1974 | 18:57 Thu 01st Oct 2020 | Food & Drink
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HI so I making hawthorn berry jelly. Lots of recipes on google and no indication in these to remove the pips from the middle of berry. yet elsewhere I read that the seeds are poisonous?

Any idea if I'm putting myself in an early grave if I make the jelly keeping the pips in (ps haws as many will know are more pip than flesh)


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Yes they are poisonous to eat, you simply must strain then after cooking through a fine muslin cloth.
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Yeah manyalynne ty for that - what confuses me is most of the recipes (incl the ones in the link) call for the berries to be crushed -

I'd have thought that would have crushed the pips / seeds too?

I'm gonna go ahead n make the jelly tho (have the juice dripping thru for overnight right now).

I guess there's so many recipes and not a single one I've seen for the jelly calls for the pips to be removed manually (thank goodness lol) so it'll be ok.

As in another post that you n I have both commented upon tonight at least I can include it in my prayers ;)
I shall include you in mine x
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Well that was a pointless exercise... 1.5lb of berries yielded about 1/4 cup juice lol

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Hawthorn Berries Jelly Or Poison

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