Try This For Breakfast.

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Caran | 21:46 Sat 03rd Oct 2020 | Food & Drink
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Pancakes filled with mashed bananas topped with maple syrup
Sounds delish.
Going to try it soon.

Another new one.
Sliced shallots baked in oven with drop of water an big spoon of Demerara sugar. That too was delish.


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Oh yes I do the shallots too, a classic.

No thanks to the sweet stuff for me.
Never eaten shallots that haven't been pickled first, your recipe sounds good though, Caran.
I am not having shallots for breakfast! Often caramelise them to have with roast duck for dinner, though
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I didn't mean the shallots for breakfast!
They are a veggie addition for dinner.
Oh! I was going by your thread title! :D
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The onion one was an extra!
I do my shallots whole in a saucepan with sugar and butter, very healthy they are
Whoa! Far too much sugar.

No thanks.
How can sugar with shallots be healthy? No thanks.

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Try This For Breakfast.

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