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Bread Machine Recipe

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Iamcazzy | 12:14 Thu 08th Aug 2019 | Food & Drink
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Hi all
I've had some years experience in making white and wholemeal bread in a bread machine but I'm a bit stumped about what I want to do next.

I've bought a 1kg bag of Allinsons Wholemeal Seed and Grain Bread Flour that is made up of wholemeal wheat flour, wheat grains, barley grains, rye grains, sunflower seeds and millet.

Most wholemeal bread recipes include a proportion of strong white bread flour in with the wholemeal flour to aid the rise of the bread. The problem I see with using a mix of the Allison's flour with white flour is that the amount of seeds in the loaf will be less than if I made a loaf containing 100% of the flour. On the other hand, the bread may not rise properly without the white bread flour.

I dont really want to buy more seeds or grains to add to the mix to compensate. I assume the proper bread program to use here would be the "multigrain" program rather than "wholemeal"? What ratio of the Allison's flour to white flour would you use if that's the way to go? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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I'd just follow the instructions on the pack. I also have many breads, mostly from scratch using a recipe, but I have used packs and they turn out well. The instructions will tell you what setting to use , I would think.
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If only it was that easy Samuraisan. The Allison's pack contains no instructions or recommendations about the program to use or any mix proportions. Thanks all the same.
Personally I'd use a ratio of 0% seedy flour to 100% non-seeded flour.
Nothing then to get between teeth nor taste weird.

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Bread Machine Recipe

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