Hot Air Fryer To Cook A Whole Chicken

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porkchop | 17:34 Mon 24th Jun 2019 | Food & Drink
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Are there any Hot Air Fryers which can cook a whole chicken and if so which brand is the best. Lidl have a SilverCrest 1500w Hot Air Fryer for sale shortly but i do not know if it is suitable for a whole chicken. Any advice would be appreciated.


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Depends how long you have got! I bought one, a decent one, but its much slower than my ordinary oven.
jackthehat I bought one of those but gave it away ,couldn't get on with it x
Ours has been an absolute boon.
In fact I shall be using it for Mrs JtH's dinner in about 30 mins. :o)

Why didn't you like yours, mally?
I don't have an air fryer but....isn't it meant to cook food that you would fry in the normal way? Would you fry a whole chicken?
I'd be surprised if the temperature inside the chicken got hot enough to cook it properly/safely without incinerating the outside...but am willing to listen to others who may have done it.
I found it fiddly and not big enough for a family meal ,I tried a cake in it too ,which was a disaster lol x
and I paid £40 odd for it x
I had a cake fail, too. LoL
But for quickness I think it is excellent; apart from the occasional chicken, I rarely cook anything which requires longer than 30 minutes, or so...
jackthehat I agree I love mine could not be without it. I use it a lot. far handier than using the other oven.
I have a Silvercrest Air Fryer only used twice and tried to sell it to no avail.
I have the Tefal and wouldn't be without it
I've never used one.

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Hot Air Fryer To Cook A Whole Chicken

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