Fresh Gnocchi

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Smowball | 15:02 Tue 16th Apr 2019 | Food & Drink
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I’ve got a bag of fresh gnocchi to use by today. I normally just stir thru some pesto and add Parmesan. Any other ideas of what I could do with it? What do you all do?


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If you are not on a diet just add butter.
I can't imagine gnocchi without peso and parmesan!

Other ideas could include panchetta and asapragus? Peas and lemon?
blue cheese and spinach?
I sometimes fry it and serve it as a potato side to a main dish.
I'd add some chicken.

I like the idea of spinach and blue cheese.
There are 21 recipes here (together with reviews from people who've tried them):

The one with mushrooms and blue cheese would particularly appeal to me.
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Ooh some good ideas already!
they freeze well too
yeah and dont forget to tell people if they dont want gnocchi
the magic words are

gnicchi gnocchi ( add 'noo' if it is immediate)

do you realise that in the sixties - you couldnt get gnocchi ( yes - gnicchi gnocchi) outside of Italy because the potato flour didnt travel ( well that was what they said )
butter or garlic butter or cheezy
is that the rare sought after scouser gnochi PP?

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Fresh Gnocchi

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