Fray Bentos Corned Beef

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jadyn | 15:11 Thu 14th Feb 2019 | Food & Drink
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Why are all those distinctive circular stamps missing from the Fray bentos corned beef tins nowadays. Seem to be made in Scotland now too.


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You wont't find corned beef in the deli in Manhattan
I've never tried tbh :)
Nor have I. Last thing I would do
By the way, which part of Manhattan are you in? I quite like that area
It's a bit of a Jewish staple though so I imagine it's gettable, you can get anything tbh. Where were you in NY?
I answered you on the other thread we're right on the Little Italy / Chinatown border off Canal st :) x
I tend to hang out on out on the upper east side and Lexington
I don't really know that area is it nice? x
Yes, it's OK. Not too far from Bloomingdales and Central Park
Cool :) I've not seen anywhere near as much of everywhere as I should have yet and I'm back in the UK tomorrow for a little while, it's a bit isolating going back and forth all the time but I'm sure I'll settle eventually. I'm far more used to it now than I was even a short time ago, but it is literally such a behemoth of a place and I know very few people that it was very daunting initially, but I'm liking it more and more :)
You must go to the Dakota Building (where John Lennon died) There is a lot to see at Central Park
I'll give it a go when I get back then :)
You must
Tuvok, firstly it's always best to read a link carefully before using it to make your case. No mention of Fray Bentos Corned Beef being made in Scotland so I'm afraid it cannot verify your claim (or your friend's come to that). The article confined itself to pies.

Secondly, I'm sure others will find it a bit peculiar that the paper label on Fray Bentos Corned Beef states that it is made in France for Fray Bentos. I cannot think of a circumstance where a food manufacturer would be economical with the truth over this.

Thirdly, UK Government Food Establishment data does not have Baxters or Fray Bentos listed as manufacturing corned beef on any site in the UK. The data is a legal requirement.

Finally, I arranged this morning for my university to query your friend's assertion directly with a senior executive at Baxters. The person confirmed that they do not manufacture corned beef on site. Canned corned beef is manufactured for them in Lourdes and is packaged, paletted and shipped to the UK for distribution to retailers own warehouse facilities.

Clearly, your friend is oblivious to these facts but I do appreciate that in a major food manufacturing operation, employees cannot be expected to know everything about what is produced at a site and I have come across the situation previously.

//You wont't find corned beef in the deli in Manhattan //

You will .... but it won't be the kind in a tin. What the Americans call Corned Beef is what we call Salt Beef - and very nice it is too.
Just to clarify, I work for theprof and I was the person who made the phone calls this morning. He often dictates his replies on AB to me and I post them via his own account. He finds it easier that way. Today, he's working at a place where internet access is strictly forbidden.
I did notice that in an effort to be a know-it-all, Tuvok took very little notice of the link he posted....perhaps he and his friend should be a little more careful with the "facts"...

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