Boxed Wines- I Normally Buy An Australian Red Wine From Various Supermarkets

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gollob | 19:14 Sat 15th Dec 2018 | Food & Drink
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This is sold in 3 litre boxes as are other wines from France . Germany South Africa by all different companies. I think there around 18 different choices from round the world. All of a sudden the 3 litre packs disappeared to be replaced by 2.25 litre packs. How is it possible that all these companies from around the world changed their pack size at the same time. Is there a cartel operating?


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I agree that most have downsized from 3L to 2.25L and also there is now less choice, certainly where I shop.

Possibly an attempt to curb our consumption for the sake of our health, rather than let us mete it out ourselves.

We buy 3Ltr boxes from our local Co op,
South African
Red Blend
14.5% Volume
A really rich fruity red wine, no shortage at the moment
Oh yes, there are still some around, I get a decent Red from Tesco 3L, all the rest are 2.25L.
That's interesting. Most, but not all, boxes of wine are imported to the UK in tankers and bagged and boxed in the UK so although the wine comes from all the world the box doesn't. It is possible that this is another shrinkage exercise so that customers think they are getting a bargain.

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Boxed Wines- I Normally Buy An Australian Red Wine From Various Supermarkets

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