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Vegetables And Herbs

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FMW2934 | 22:20 Mon 16th Jul 2018 | Food & Drink
13 Answers
7. Exclamation in fun +rage
16. Fish, parasitic insects, less direction
17. Body organ has gone!
27. Turn groove and turn fastener
29. Burst pipes!



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29 Leeks
29. leek's
27 turnip
17 Kidney Bean (been/gone)?
16 Garlic(e)
-- answer removed --
Which one are you answering JerryHell? (never heard of a fruit or veg called Bow)
7 Onion
^^ entered too quickly
7. Onion
O (exclamation) + ni (in fun/anagram) + on (if you go "on" at somebody, you rage at them)
Question Author
JJ109 - I already have an answer for onion (change a letter for alliance (u)onion. Any other thoughts?
Yes - seen as Borage
Bo + rage
7 seen as borage

Bo alt spelling of boo (Chambers)

Bo listed under Exclamation in Bradford's

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Vegetables And Herbs

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