Turkey Thigh Mince Ideas

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NoMercy | 16:11 Mon 08th Jan 2018 | Food & Drink
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I made some turkey kofta the other day, which were very nice.

I have 3 packs left and would appreciate any recipe ideas. Thanks.


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turkey burger !!
I used to make turkey sausages but its an awful amount of faffing about and you need skins too.

Turkey burgers? With cranberry relish?
dirty rice - yum!
dice bacon and red onion and fry with the mince. Add diced peppers diced mushroom, diced celery chopped spring onions (actually pretty much and veg you want) add cold rice, add 125 mls of chicken stock add worcester sauce and 1 tblspoon of cajun seasoning and fry till rice is hot
I use it for anything that requires beef mince as I like to keep the fat/calories down. Turkey burgers, lasagne, chilli con carne, and stuffed peppers.
Turkey keema curry
Turkey meat balls in some sort of broth.
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Some nice ideas. I like the idea of Turkey Rice.

Burgers I may consider too but I'm not keen on Cranberry.
I'm not massively keen NoM. However I did Gordon's Spiced Cranberry and Apple sauce on Boxing day and it was surprisingly good. Later than evening I caught Mr BM with the bowl and a spoon.........
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Naughty Mr BM!

I keep Blueberry and Cider relish for my poultry. It's lovely stuff.
I'd use it instead of beef mince in a ragu & make a lasagne - possibly using blue cheese in the sauce.
Scotch eggs is a weird idea that appeals to me to - turkey mince round a duck egg?
I do my turkey burgers with chopped shallot, chopped birds eye chilli and coriander
I'm with Danny, Turkey keema madras.
Now wanting curry.....
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Sounds rather nice, Dave. I've never attempted to make scotch eggs but I could give it a bash...
Now that sounds good, 237 - I do like a chilliburger
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I do love curry and I also love keema, so another strong possibility there.
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I like the idea of that, Mamya, minus the beans...
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Nice ideas there, OG.

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Turkey Thigh Mince Ideas

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