What Are The Health Benefits Of Drinking Beetroot Juice

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Ric.ror | 07:36 Sat 08th Apr 2017 | Food & Drink
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I've been having two glasses a day for about two weeks now so I'm hoping there are loads of benefits as I've only just gotten over the taste


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Roughly the same as orange juice ;-)
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Oh I am also eating at least three dates a day too
Again - despite the taste
Watched a test of beetroot juice on cyclists and bodybuilding athletes and the results were astounding. Their energy levels were boosted by quite a degree! It was on a programme on Ch 4, I think it's called Food Unwrapped?
Why are you drinking beetroot juice if you have no idea what it does. Have you read about it somewhere?
I think it is supposed to lower blood pressure.

Although I know the taste of beetroot and think it is probably better used to expel any poison you may have swallowed.
Dates are quite good for you. Dried apricots are better, but can have a 'windy' side effect if sulphur has been used in the drying process!
A small handful of raisins counts as one of your 5 a day.
Red grapes are considered to be good for your heart and are pleasant mixed with walnuts, which are very nutritious, as are almonds - they are good for calcium, one brazil nut contains a whole day's supply of Selenium, so I've read!
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Beetroot cleanses the kidneys and liver. It has diuretic and laxative properties.

Ric.ror did you see my answer about mobility allowance?
I can't imagine any health benefits from drinking beetroot juice. It would make me throw up. [Sorry]

Like all 'healthy' foods, it's not going to make you suddenly feel amazing, but if it has lots of vitamins it will probably do you some good. If you hate it (as I would) just eat lots of other veg instead.
Not juice, though. Just eat the veg.
1. Helps in reducing blood pressure.
2. Prevents one from heart attack.
3. Prevents one from stroke.
4. Treats anemia.
5. Helps in improving the metabolism rate of the body.

RUBBISH! scientific evidence to support any of the above statements.....none that stand up to moderate scrutiny.
Cloverjo is correct in her post above 10.24.
is "it makes your poo purple" a benefit?
Sqad ...did you read my link to the NHS article?
There IS supportable research. I'm sure more is needed ( isn't that always the case?), but there are benefits.

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Drinking Beetroot Juice

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