Oooooh Too Many Chillies

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jack daniels | 18:06 Sat 23rd Jan 2016 | Food & Drink
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Good evening my fellow Abers

the daniels have got duck in orange sauce for dinner tonight but i mis-judged the heat of chillies and so now the orange sauce is a bit too hot, I've tried more sugar more orange & pineapple juice and thickened it with cornflour but can't think of what else i could do?

Any suggestions anyone?

no i'm not going to bin it or get take out - it's just the sauce that needs rescuing and feel too lazy to make more

tia & have a good weekend

Anna x


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Make more sauce without any chilli and then amalgamate the two.
Question Author
shoota - i know it wont take long but i really cant be bothered to make more - just feeling lazy :-)
If you can't rescue the sauce then perhaps you can minimise the effects?
Do you have any yoghurt to hand? Eating/drinking yoghurt-based dips/drinks can cool your mouth down no end. I know that's traditionally a remedy for firey Indian dishes but needs must and all that....
*fiery, even...
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Hey jack

yeah the remedy is ideal for an Indian curry but not the same with duck a la orange, oh well plenty of wine it is then ha ha

Anna x
If you add water to the sauce that will reduce the heat of the chillies
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Islay thats why i added more of the orange and pinapple juice as to not 'water' it down too much and still have the flavour but thank you

Anna x
Water is regarded as little help to reduce the heat fro chilli. Cold drinks are not good. Tea is better but not in a l'orange. :-) Yoghurt is the better saviour!!!
Actually retrocop the advice of adding water when yoghurt could not be added came from a chilli site.
It's not The entry process you need to worry about. It's the exit process
Rather bizarre to put chilli in a a l'orange sauce imo but each to their own. Yoghurt isn't a normal addition either but this is a salvage case :-)
Check out the Scolville rating site and see how many zillion pints of water it takes to neutralise the heat of certain chillis. Try japa nokia or Scotch bonnet! That is how the scoville scale is determined.
I don't understand why you ever put chilli anywhere near duck a l'orange in the first place - the 2 will never work whatever you do to the sauce.
Couldn't agree more. The French are not renowned for using chilli in their cuisine. That is why I mentioned,IMO,it was a tad bizarre!!
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thanks for your feedback guys, i followed a recipe which called for red chillies, I myself have never added this before so thought i'd give it a go, just that my chillies are a lot hotter then i thought!
Anyhoo, we had the duck with noodles, no-one was in the mood for veg and by the time for ate the chilli flavour was a lot calmer.........note to self - miss out the chilli next time

Anna x
Anna...tonight I had duck with pineapple salsa. The salsa required chilli. It was gorgeous. Fruit and spice go really well together,
Mayonnaise will cool down a curry maybe to late for tonight's

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Oooooh Too Many Chillies

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